CBI JD crossed his limits: YSRC: June 28,2012

Hyderabad, June 28: YSR Congress on Thursday reasserted that CBI Joint Director has crossed his limits by becoming party to a larger conspiracy against YS Jaganmohan Reddy and has misused his powers by speaking to a judge and adversaries of Sakshi media group.

“An investigation officer is not supposed to speak to a judge who is hearing the case and the Joint Director took an active part in imparting inside information to a section of media. He went against the CBI manual on both counts,” party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here today.

Though the JD VV Lakshminaryana has filed a case questioning the source of getting his call data record (CDR), he did not deny talking to the judge and section of media that has been hostile towards Sakshi media group, which shows he is guilty beyond reasonable doubt that he was a party to the conspiracy to defame YS Jaganmohan Reddy by vested interests, he said.

“He is trying to divert the attention by bringing non-issues only to cover-up his folly of speaking to the judge who is hearing the case and to rival media groups. We will answer his question of the source of the list on a legal platform, but morally he has no right to continue as an investigation officer,” he said.

Displaying the clippings of the section of media that published stories about what was going on in the CBI with regard to YS Jaganmohan Reddy in course of the investigation where news preceded events sometimes, Ambati said, the CBI officer’s silence can be treated that he was a party to the conspiracy, otherwise he should have denied the stories appearing in the section of media.

“The manual clearly says that any story appearing in press should be answered properly through proper channel. This was not done and when CBI questioned me, the entire proceedings were published in a section of media verbatim. This can happen only if CBI gives them the information, “Ambati said.

Every citizen has the right to question the CBI Joint Director, if he missuses his position or conducts himself in a dubious manner, he said, “the question of attacking his morale and trying to get into his privacy does not arise as the Joint Director had compromised on many issues.”

The privacy issue did not arise when he raided the houses of investors in Sakshi group and during the raids on YS Jaganmohan Reddy's residence where even the mug in a toilet was evaluated and CBI could not gather any evidence that can substantiate its charges, he said.

By filing a case against us, he has opened up a Pandora’s Box and he has to give explanation as to why he made some of the calls we are taking objection to. We will deal with the issues he raised in the case legally. Summarily, he failed as an investigation officer in the true terms and when the call data came out, he started questioning the source as he was exposed thoroughly, he said.

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