Ambati -Apr8,2012

YSR Congress Party on Sunday predicted mid-term poll as the Congress has adopted a policy of trying to project YSR as a corrupt leader ahead of the by-elections to the 18 assembly and one Lok Sabha and the impending results would, but dissolve the State assembly.
“The policy decision taken by Congress not to spare YSR on corruption charges and attack YS Jagan and his father with equal measure will spell doom to the ruling party and the August crisis is in the offing,” the party official spokesperson AmabatiRambabu told reporters here.
The true colours of Congress are in the open now and its strategy of trying to project YSR as a corrupt leader will boomerang and the congress party will be swept away in the ensuing by-elections which will pave way for mid-term polls, he said.
August has seen many crisesin the State. It began on August 11, 2011 when CBI has included YSR name in the FIR, though some of the State Congress leaders denied it and showered praise on him. Calling their bluff, the Congress has taken the decision to attack both YSR and YS Jagan Mohan forthwith with corruption charges.
Some leaders and ministers within the Congress are still YSR fans and the time of reckoning has come for them to be categorical as to which side of the fence they are, he said adding that their silence will be heckled at by others.    
“Now there is no difference between Congress and TDP. While the opposition party has been alleging that YSR government was corrupt, Congress was defending. Now with both the parties singing the same tune, the message will be audible to the people who will give their mandate which will be decisive,” he said.
YSR was the leader who said that he would take the responsibility of victory or defeat in the 2009 elections and went to the people. Congress retained power and after his death, the leaders who are enjoying the benefits YSR policies have turned Brutus by resolving to project him as a corrupt leader.
Not a single ministerwho was in the cabinet was named in the FIR by CBI in 26 GOs case and no one has come out in the open about the GOs nor did anyone of them say that the cabinet decision is combined responsibility.
People like SarveSatyanrayana, Gondru, Veera Siva Reddy and C Ramachandriah have no stature to criticise YSR, he said adding that Congress is a sinking a boat and the merger or PRP will further burden the boat and help in sinking it fast, he said.   
TDP chief, N Chandrababua Naidu had a secret pact with High Command and has been frequenting to Delhi, while our Chief Minister is not getting appointment, he said adding that both Congress and TDP will be wiped out in the ensuing 18 by-elections.

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