YSRCP flays TDP on land pooling issue

Hyderabad, Oct 4, 2014: Strongly
objecting to the veiled threat of the Chief Minister to farmers that he will
invoke the Land Acquisition Act if they do not cooperate, YSR Congress has said
that TDP government is trying to use arm-twisting tactics only to benefit its
favoured few and we will take up the issue at public forums if the State
continues with its anti-farmer policies. 

“Instead of first
identifying the government land in and around the proposed capital, the
statements of the Chief Minster and his cabinet colleagues have been in a
manner to encourage real estate deals and favour the corporate heads of the
TDP,” party spokesperson Parthasarathi told reporters here on Saturday.  

The extent of capital city
of Hyderabad is much less than what the TDP Minister are projecting which run
up to 1 lakh acres and this is being deliberately done only to create real
estate boom and favour a few of the Party leaders.  

“How much government land
is available is not assessed so far, how much land is actually required for the
capital city is not told but the leaders are resorting to kite flying by
floating names of one place or the other in Krishna and Guntur districts and
land prices have soared to new heights.  

The Chief Minister now
telling that the farmers should not be greedy and should cooperate with the
land pooling or else the Land Acquisition Act will be invoked is nothing but
coercion and Chandrababu Naidu has the history of showing scant respect towards
farmers and agriculture.  

His threat to the farmers
that land will be acquired shows his mindset and we will not allow this to
happen and will join the farmers in their fight against such gross injustice,
he said.  

Farmers are getting a raw
deal in loan waiver as well and the Chief Minster’s statement threatening the
farmers is not in the true democratic spirit. He should instead first identify
the government land available and arrive at a figure of the required extent of
land and then go forward for land pooling or land acquisition.  

He should approach the
Centre first on this count and should not be going after the farmers as he has
no clarity on the requirement and method of procuring land.  

The Janmabhoomi programme
has been converted into a party programme and TDP cadre has been playing
extra-constitutional role and lakhs of ration cards are being weeded out on
political reasons. We demand that the Chief Minister should be categorical on
the land requirement and procure it in a democratic manner without causing
inconvenience to the farmers and the present system is only to encourage the
realtors, he said.

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