Yellow media spinning baseless stories

Hyderabad, Oct 29: YSR Congress has said that a section of media that is friendly to TDP government has been spinning baseless stories of defections without verifying facts and asked its cadre not to be carried away by such false reports.

“The reports’ appearing in a section of media are blatant lies and are not sourced properly and goes against the norms of objective journalism as they carry only one-sided version without checking with the person or Party involved. We condemn such reports and resolutely affirm that there is no truth in the reports,” party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Wednesday.

Even since YSR Congress has emerged as a force with a huge public following and missed the power by just 2 % votes, media that is close to TDP has been unleashing false propaganda against our President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and the Party and has stepped up the campaign of late.

“The media has been churning out stories of defections to create confusion among the cadre but it did not take into account or thought it fit to take a quote from the other side of the story.  Such reports are highly condemnable and are not in a good taste.

Similar reports have been published when YSR was in opposition by the same media, but people did not believe the lies and voted YSR-led Congress to power in 2004,” he said.

The power and government are not permanent in nature and are bound to swing as the time passes. Chandrababu Naidu has deceived the people by going back on his poll promise and the five files he has signed on assuming power lost their relevance as not a single order was implemented.

The reports that leaders are quitting YSR Congress in droves is false, be it Jaleel Khan or others. There is no need for anyone to leave the Party at this juncture as TDP is on the back foot by going back on its poll promises. TDP leaders are trying to evade the public as they fear that they have to face the wrath of farmers, women, students and other sections, he said.

When asked about Konathala Ramakrishna’s resignation, he said” “there is no need to react on reports appearing in a section of media. If the words come from the leader himself then it merits a reaction.”

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