Save Titli Victims

Srikakulam: Demanding compensation to the victims who suffered loss of crops and properties because of cyclone Titli, YSR Congress party (YSRCP) leaders Dharmana Krishna Das, Reddy Shanthi and others along with the victims staged a protest here opposite the MRO offices in Narsannapeta and Pathapatnam. The leaders demanded that the government immediately assess the crop losses and provide compensation to the farmers.

Even after nine days after the devastation of Cyclone Titli the officials in the district have not begun relief measures. The victims alleged that several parts of the district were struggling and in a sorry state.

"Not even basic needs like drinking water and food were provided to us. The officials are yet to arrive to assess and estimate the cyclone's effect on the locals," said the victims.

Angered over the laxity of the government in reinstating electricity lines in the district even nine days after the cyclone, the victims staged a rasta-roko at Korasawada and Buragam in Pathapatnam mandal. Because of the blockade, road links between Andhra Pradesh and Orissa were disrupted.

Meanwhile, locals of Haripuram in Uddanam in the district were furious after learning that the government supplied foul-smelling water inside the milk and curd packets from Heritage food company. The Heritage milk and curd packets were supplied to us. However, the packets were filled with stinking water. We did not use them," said a woman.

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