Samaikya Sankharavam aimed at keeping state united

Hyderabad, Sept 2,
2013: As the Congress and Centre failed to render equal justice to all regions
of the state, Smt. Y.S. Sharmila has decided to launch her ‘Samaikya
Sankharavam’ bus Yatra as part of the on-going agitation to keep the state

Disclosing this in an
open letter, YSR Congress party honourary President Smt. Y.S.Vijayamma said
that despite the party’s several appeals to TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu to
withdraw his letter of support to bifurcation and come out openly in support
the state being kept united, Naidu continued to support the Congress decision
on bifurcation.

“Opposing the injustice
done to the Seema Andhra people, we resigned from our legislative posts and our
MLAs also quit their posts. Later, I took up Deeksha but it was foiled by the police
and then Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy also resorted to the Deeksha demanding the
Centre to keep the state untied,” she said.

“Naidu did not respond in
time to our fervent appeals,” Smt. Vijayamma said in the open letter, adding
that Smt. Sharmila is taking up the Samaikya SankharavamYatra with a demand to keep
the state united. 

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