Present imbroglio needs political solution

September 29, 2013: Asserting that the present imbroglio in the state is political in
nature and it needs a political solution, YSR Congress has dared State Congress
and TDP leadership to sign on a one line resolution seeking a united state to
clear the uncertainty and pacify the sentiments of six crore people who on an
agitation path.

Naidu’s remarks that Congress Party is using YSRCP to weaken it is quixotic as
TDP will fall on its own weight and the anti-people decisions it has
taken,  party deputy floor leader Sobha Nagi Reddy told reporters here on Sunday.

present crisis needs a political solution and if leaders of all political
parties sign a one line resolution in favour of a united state, the process of
division can be stopped. PCC President Botsa Satyanrayana TDP President N
Chandrababu Naidu and other party leaders should come forward with the
resolution and our Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will be the first one
to sign such a proposal,” she said.

who are on strike for the past 60 days and political parties refusing to react
is a blot on the democracy and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been categorical that
the Party will sign the resolution and others should also join to keep the
state united.

stand and intentions are clear and it is time for other parties to speak out on
the issue as the problem is political in nature. Cutting across party lines if
all leaders sign the letter it will help keeping the state united was what our
leader has told a delegation of lawyers’ JAC that has called on him yesterday.

guns at Chandrababu Naidu, she said the TDP leader has been attributing motives
to every move of ours and speaking in the most derogatory manner and the latest
being that Congress is using us to weaken his party.

must be aware that his Party has crumbled the moment he issued a whip to vote
against the no confidence motion which tantamount to supporting Congress government.
His party fell from the grace of people once again the minute he gave the
letter extending support to

decision of bifurcating the state. 

Its very
existence came under question when Naidu told APNGOs that he cannot withdraw
the letter he has given to the Centre accepting the division of the state. No
one need to weaken your Party it will fall on its own weight and Naidu’s deeds
and decisions that are against the multitude of the people of the state,” she

It is
not YSRCP but it is TDP that is supporting
decision. It was Naidu who supported
Sonia Gandhi in bifurcation of the State issue while we opposed it. Our Party
leaders have resigned on the issue. At least now he should withdraw the letter
he has given to save the crisis. 

of addressing the main issue TDP leaders are skirting it and harping on
leveling baseless allegations against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and they have made
it a pattern to hurl some charge and refrain from answering when challenged.
This is only to duck from the main question of why TDP has given a letter
supporting the division. 

When we
voted in Presidential elections keeping the person in view, they leveled a
charge that we have voted in return for bail to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Our
leader was in jail for 13 months after voting for Pranab Mukherjee. 

was given to our Party President in the normal course as Supreme Court has set
a deadline for CBI to complete its investigations. It is not Congress but the
designated court that has given bail after due hearing. 

NTR, it is YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who is giving Congress a scare while TDP is
submissive to

to save Chandrababu Naidu’s skin from the various charges he is facing. We feel
ashamed of even reacting to some of the charges levelled by TDP leaders as they
do not merit any answer, she said. We
feel ashamed of even reacting to some of the charges levelled by TDP leaders as
they do not merit any answer, she said.

No place for Sabbam Hari in the party

from the remarks made by Anakapalli Congress MP Sabbam Hari, she said, his
remarks were part of a conspiracy hatched by Lagadapati and others of Congress and
our party has nothing to do with his statement. In fact, his remarks caused anguish
and dismay to the party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy himself, she added.
There is no place for Sabbam Hari in the party now and he will find none in the
future too, she asserted.

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