Naidu’s property disclosure irrelevant now: YSRCP

Hyderabad, Sept 16,
2013: Describing as an eye wash and most irrelevant the disclosing of his
property details by TDP president N.Chandrababu Naidu at this juncture, YSR
Congress has asked the former CM to face CBI probe on the charges he has been
facing if he is sincere in uprooting corruption.

Speaking to reporters
at the party central office here on Monday, YSRCP MLC and spokesperson Jupudi
Prabhakara Rao compared Naidu to Nero who fiddled while Rome had burned.

“While the Seema Andhra
is burning with Samaikyandhra agitation, what is the use of disclosing your properties
now, that too hiding your benami property details,” he asked the TDP chief.

Saying that property
details are generally declared either in March or April at the behest of IT
department or before the elections at the instance of Election Commission, Prabhakara
Rao said no one would follow Naidu in declaring the assets.

“Just because you have
disclosed your properties, no leader will follow you or corruption is not going
to end all of a sudden,” he told Naidu. “Everyone knows that you eluded CBI
probe on the charges made by our party honourary president Smt. Y.S.Vijayamam
in her 2424-page affidavit in the courts. You have to seek CBI probe on the
charges if you want to show your sincerity on the issue,” he demanded Naidu.

Jupudi said Naidu
should explain on how his son Lokesh’s properties worth has come down to Rs.492
lakh now from Rs.673 lakh in 2012 while the properties of his other family
members went up.

“The disclosure has no
credibility since you have left out your benami properties and people will not
believe your gimmickry,” he told Naidu, reminding him that YSR Congress chief
Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has been disclosing his property details every year
with utmost sincerity and with all the facts.


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