Naidu proves perfect copy cat


 Designed by Tollywood
directors and writers, TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu’s ‘Vastunna Meekosam’ Yatra has
unabashedly proved the former chief minister is no doubt a copy cat.

First, he stole the
idea of the late YSR with the sole aim of regaining his political power.
Simultaneously, he also thought of beating the YSR record by fixing the schedule
to 117 days and 2200 km to his Padayatra.

Next, on the second day
of his Yatra, Naidu has declared his Yatra is meant to do social justice to
people. This is a replica of the charmless slogan campaigned by mega
star-turned-politician Chiranjeevi when he launched his now-extinct political
party PRP.

The concept of ‘social
justice’ is an abstract term which can be interpreted by leaders to their own
convenience. People however accord high importance to these words as they
succeed in raising hopes among people.

Not surprisingly, Naidu
also failed like Chiranjeevi in explaining the true meaning of ‘social justice’
when he used these words before his Yatra gatherings. If Naidu doesn’t come out
with his interpretation of ‘social justice’ during his long Yatra, he would go
down in the history as a leader who not only copied the slogan from Chiranjeevi
but he would also acquire notoriety as a leader following the footsteps of
Chiranjeevi who in practice gave a different meaning to the concept by merging
his party with the Congress.

Naidu asked his party
activists and people during the Yatra to convey to at least ten others each
that his Yatra is meant for rendering social justice to the poor. This is no
doubt again a copy of the Chiru’s idea of helping three others and asking them
to help three others each from his block buster movie ‘Stalin’.

AP activists question Naidu

On the second day of
his Yatra, Naidu faced the ire of the Samaikya Andhra activists who barged into
his camp at Kolla Kuntla and raised slogans against him for submitting a pro-Telangana
letter to the Centre.

Unable to respond to
their slogans and their quires, am impatient Naidu asked them to go out and
chastised the local leaders for letting them in. “People will beat you if you
continue to raise such slogans,’ he told them.

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