Naidu should quit touring Seemandhra

Hyderabad, Sept 6, 2013: YSR Congress has demanded TDP President N Chandrababu
Naidu to resign before touring the Seemandhra region in the name of Self
Respect Yatra.

“People are not in a position to believe him as he has given a letter
accepting the division and is now touring Seemandhra with a slogan to match the
sentiments of the region though his earlier deeds were otherwise,” party
spokesperson Ambati Rambabu told reporters here on Thursday.

Had Naidu supported the no-confidence motion moved by YSRCP and other
opposition parties, the situation would not have come to such a pass. Instead
he issued a whip to refrain from voting in the no confidence motion and became
responsible for defeating it.

His dual standards have always been crystal clear. While he gave a
letter clearing separation of the state and now going on a yatra in support of
a united state spells out his plurality. If he is a separatist, he should
openly tell that and if he wants the state to be united, he should quit,
Rambabu said.

“It is high time that Naidu openly tells why he has taken up the Self
Respect Yatra and should be categorical if he is an integrationist or a
separatist,” he said. Naidu is making tall claims that he has developed
Hyderabad is ridiculous as he was twice defeated after his nine year term,
which has seen many anti-people policies and all sections were under duress.

“The capital city was developed over a period of time and each of the
Chief Ministers and their respective governments have their own contribution
for the development of the city,” he said.  As there is stark contrast and confusion in
the stand of Chandrababu Naidu as he is changing tunes to suit the region, he
should give an unqualified reply as to whether or not he is an integrationist.

 In a separate press conference, party leaders Bajireddy Govardhan Reddy,
Gattu Ramachanda Rao and others slammed TRS leader T Harish Rao for inciting
people to deface the statues of YSR in various parts of the region.

“It was Telangana region that has benefited most by the welfare schemes
of YSR and it is heinous on part of TRS to whip regional passions and provoke
people to deface the statues in Medak, Warangal, Adilabad, Khammam and Warangal

In a democratic set-up each party has its own ideology and can be active
in any part of the state and TRS has no right to dictate terms and say that
YSRCP cannot exist in this region. We will be active in this region as there
are many beneficiaries of YSR welfare schemes and warn T Harish Rao to shun
from such provocative statements.

Earlier, Amarnath Reddy told a separate press conference that rallies
and public meetings are democratic in nature and we should respect the
sentiments. The APNGOs meeting on September 7 goes well
with the democratic spirit and we support any feature of the Samaikyandhra, he

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