Law and order failed miserably under Chandrababu Government

Reiterating that law and order has failed miserably under the Chandrababu Naidu Government and official machinery is being used as a tool to settle political scores, YSR Congress has said that the solemnity of the Police Martyrs’ Day was marred with the Chief Minster using the occasion to heap baseless allegations on the main Opposition party.

Speaking to media here , party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu said, ‘Chandrababuu trying to implicate the people of Kadapa and the Opposition Party in the arson incidents at Tuni and Amaravathi besides the breach of Polavaram canal shows how insipid the TDP governance has been.

The Tuni arson incident is still fresh in the memories of the people which took place during the Kapu reservation agitation and Chandrababu Naidu government blaming YSRCP and Kadapa people for it. When sugarcane and plantain fields were burnt at Amaravathi the script went on similar lines and on both occasions it was the ruling party that was responsible and the issue was no different during the breach at Polavaram.

The TDP government has the dubious distinction of having in its ranks people facing criminal charges in the legislature and in the cabinet as well. Surveys by two Organisations have placed Andhra Pradesh in the fourth place in terms of atrocities on SCs, STs and women.

The State has issued a GO quashing all charges, serious and criminal in nature,against state ministers and MLAs including the Speaker which shows the conduct of the government. It has become a habit for Chandrababu Naidu to level baseless allegations and repeat them at every possible opportunity on the main opposition party.

If the Tuni and Amaravathi arson cases were to be true along with the breach in Polavaram canal, when the state has under its control law enforcing and investigation agencies, why the cases were not taken to the lawful conclusion,he asked.

The state has stepped up attacks on YSRCP workers and has the record of committing atrocities on weaker sections as the TDP cadre has been on the prowl with police department protecting them with orders from top.

Otherwise, how could the cases of Call Money Sex Racket or the attack on MRO Vanajakshi be hushed up along with numerous other such cases, he said.
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