Kuppam throws red carpet for Jagan

Kuppam (Chittoor dist), November 30, 2013: Taking on the
Leader of Opposition and Chief Minister on their home turf, YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy has launched the Samaikya Sankharavan yatra with a firm resolve to keep
the State united and expose the nefarious designs of Congress and TDP to split
the state for the sake of a few votes and seats giving scant respect to the
sentiments of the local people.

“This is a fight between the Delhi
arrogance and the Telugu self respect in which sons of the soil, N Chandrababu
Naidu and N Kiran Kumar Reddy are playing foul and are helping
to split the state for political
reasons. We will not allow this to happen as united state is the will and wish
of the people,” he said a midst cheers at the mammoth public meeting here on

Hitting the nail on its head, the YSRCP President
said Sonia Gandhi is splitting the State to see that her son is made Prime
Minister. She has not an iota of respect to the children of this region.
Chandrababu Naidu, who represents this constituency and Kiran Kumar Reddy, who
hails from this district, are brazenly supporting her in the task of dividing
the state.

The three-some of Sonia Gandhi, Kiran Kumar Reddy
and Chandrababu Naidu should answer to the people as to what is the rationale
behind the division, if not for a few seats and votes, he said at the meeting
which started three hours behind schedule. People were packed on all sides of
the road despite the delay.  

This Yatra is aimed at changing the mind-set of the
people who are unable to hear the people’s voice that the state should be
united and put an end to the dirty politicking and usher in a clean and healthy
political atmosphere.

 “I have toured all the states seeking support for a
united state for the past two weeks and many leaders have understood that gross
injustice is being done to Andhra Pradesh. Pity is that the Leader of
Opposition, Chief Minister and Congress President are unable to understand the
repercussions, he said.

It the State is divided there would be no water and
it would turn into a desert. Today when the state is united, water is dropping
into it only after the needs of upper states of
Maharashtra and Karnataka are fulfilled. If another comes in between, the situation would
be worse. From Kuppam to Srikakulam, there would be water scarcity. Tribunals
and Water Boards will not solve the water wars.  We have seen how the
Brijesh Kumar Tribunal has given us a raw deal.

“How can the division be justified, Chandrababu
Naidu who has asked for packages should answer. Where will water come for
Handri Neeva, Galeru Ngari and other projects?


is the other contentious issue.  Where will the youth look at for jobs,
but for

If legislation is passed and Sonia Gandhi, who took citizenship 30 years back
though she was married to Rajiv Gandhi in 1968, is asked to go back to her own
country what will be her reaction. In that case how can people who lived
together for 60 years be separated,” he asked amidst huge round of applause
from the public.

Unfortunately, people who do not know the history
are on the Treasury Benches. Andhra Pradesh was formed only after Hyderabad
State Assembly and Andhra State Assembly had passed a resolution with two-third
majority for the merger and in favour of Vishalandhra (Andhra Pradesh) in 1956.

If Chandrababu Naidu is sincere, he should quit
along with his MLAs and MPs and demand for a united State. Local people should
insist that he withdraw the letter he has given in favour of the division.

Both Chief Minister and Naidu are helping in the
division of the State. Kiran Kumar Reddy deals with the employees and sees to
it that they call of their strike and Chandababu Naidu never utters the Samaikhay
Andhra slogan.

If they are for a united state, they should have
convened a special session of assembly and pass a resolution against the
division, but that did not happen as they are on the other side, he said.

Chandrababu Naidu accuses YSRCP of unholy nexus
with Congress. It is he who had mingled with Congress and filed a case against
me, it was Naidu who helped Congress to wriggle out of the tight situation by
asking his MPs to favour the ruling party during FDI voting, it was Naidu was
asked his MLAs to help Congress while we moved a no confidence motion against
Kiran Kumar Reddy Government.

Earlier, he was extended a rousing reception on
arriving here three hours behind schedule. He unveiled the statue of YSR before
kicking off the Samaikya Sankharavam with a hard hitting speech against the
Congress and TDP.

A big contingent of local leaders that was with TDP
for over 30 years had joined YSRCP on the occasion.

he visited the house of Venkatesh, who died on hearing the news of YSR death and
consoled the family members. The Samaikya Sankharavam will concurrently run
with the unfinished Odarpu Yatra in Chittoor district.

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