Injustice done by Babu to Families of fishermen

Chandrababu Naidu has not even left the families of fishermen who found missing in the sea. He is habituated in showing his injustice by not announcing the Ex-Gratia for the families. The fishermen were prohibited to go to the sea for 60 days and they were declared holidays. To get on their livelihood it has been promised that 50 kgs of rice and Rs. 3000 will be given. While 40 fishermen went missing, it has been stated that with the help of helicopters they would find them. In those 40, 17 members died while the remaining members reached home with their last breath. But, in reality not even a single pie is given to them. While identifying these issues, Jagan explained the same to the people. He assured people that with the help and under the guidance of Tuni MLA Raja, he is going to arranges special boats to find the missing fishermen. Further, he reassured people, that he would raise pressure on the Government to take right action against the issues and bring justice to them. Jagan said that the Chief Minister should take responsibility for the missing fishermen in the sea as proper alerts were not taken on the cyclonic storm and other rough weather conditions. Alleging further that the government had not distributed essential commodities to the fishermen in the Assembly, Jagan said that he would fight with the government for welfare of fishermen.
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