Day three repeats unruly story


the third day today, monsoon session of the assembly witnessed noisy scenes
leading to its adjournment to Friday without transacting any public issue.

pandemonium continuing in the house over adjournment motions and other issues
by the opposition MLAs, Speaker Nadendla Manohar adjourned the session thrice
before noon. He finally adjourned the House till Friday as he found no change
in the behavior of the members when they had reassembled.

soon as the session began, YSR Congress MLAs and other members of the
opposition parties demanded the Speaker to initiate discussion on their
adjournment motions. The Speaker however rejected all the motions.

Congress, which is opposing the hefty increase in the diesel price, cap on the
subsidized cooking gas supply and the opening of doors for FDI in the retail
sector, has served notice for an adjournment motion on the issue.

the members demanding discussion on their adjournment motions and raising
slogans in the podium, Speaker adjourned the House for one hour. When it
reassembled, similar scenes prevailed over in the House leading to ruckus.
While TRS members demanded the introduction of Telangana resolution, YSR
Congress MLAs and other members too demanded detailed discussion on various
public issues leading to chaos.

Speaker, finding it difficult to manage the House, adjourned it for second time
and before the second adjournment, the Government has introduced three bills in
the House. Nadendla Manohar had to adjourn the House till 12 noon for third
time when it reassembled and peace continued to evade the assembly.

was no change in the House when the members reassembled for fourth time. The
uninterrupted noisy scenes forced the Speaker to adjourn the House till

in the Legislative Council

scenes ruled roost in the Legislative Council also today when the opposition
members demanded the Chair to accept their adjournment motions on various public
issues. The House witnessed two adjournments with continuing noisy scenes.

of various opposition parties later staged a dharna outside the Legislative
Council demanding withdrawal of diesel price hike and removal of cap on
subsidized cooking gas supply.

(Updated On Sept 20,2012)

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