Chandrababu's Save Democracy slogan sounds shameful

The YSR Congress Party has stated that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s visits to Delhi in quick succession was only to save his own skin and wriggle out from his crises back home in the wake of the murder attempt on AP Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. His Save Democracy slogan sounds shameful as he had made a mockery of it all through his political career, they added.

Speaking to media, Party senior leader and former MP YV Subba Reddy said, "Chandrababu Naidu joining hands with the very Congress that had bifurcated the state by undemocratic means gagging those opposing the move, closing the doors of parliament and suspending live telecast shows that his compulsions are anything other than for safeguarding democracy as he claims.

Throughout his political career Chandrababu Naidu needed an acceptable face and a national figure as he cannot go to people on his own, after he ditched NTR in a bloodless coup to usurp the Party and power, and this time he did no different.

TDP formed on the ideology of decimating Congress has now veered backwards and joined the very force his Party has opposed since its inception. It is a political and personal compulsion but not a democratic compulsion as he has been trumpeting.

He made a mockery of democracy at every available opportunity and hit a new low when he bought MLAs from Opposition and inducted four of them into the cabinet, the former MP said.

The compulsions which he has been shouting about are in fact personal and political in nature as the attack on Leader of Opposition has snowballed into a ‘Waterloo in the waiting’ and he needs some national party leader to campaign for him in the ensuing elections.

His outburst at the public meeting in Prakasam district shows his restlessness and the Velugonda project could not be completed by him in the four years as the work did not move in the intended pace while it was taken forward only to the extent of benefiting the contractors and getting kickbacks, he said. Party MLA Adimulapu Suresh also participated in this press conference.
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