Assembly ends 5-day chaotic session

The AP assembly has attained a record of sorts as its five-day monsoon session ended abruptly today with Speaker Nadendla Manohar adjourning it sine die without transacting any business involving public issues of importance.

The state would go down in the history as the one having an assembly which ended one of its sessions without transacting any worthwhile business or people’s problems amid allegations that the Congress Government has connived with the friendly opposition parties TRS and TDP to stall any useful discussion on troublesome issues.

The short-timed session has also obtained notoriety for witnessing unruly scenes and chaos for the consecutive five days it assembled.  Throughout the five-day session, TRS hogged the limelight through its sloganeering, unruly behavior, occupation of the Speaker’s podium and demand for introducing the Telangana resolution.

On his part, Speaker Nadendla Manohar too made it a point to reject all adjournment motions for the successive five days in a row leading to the chaotic scenes in the House across the session.

The only activity witnessed by the House during the so called monsoon session was paying condolences over the death of 97-year old veteran freedom fighter Konda Lakshman Bapuji and some farmer members who passed away recently.

The other not-so-notable activity witnessed by the House was the introduction of three bills by the Government.

Last day witnesses three adjournments

TRS members, who stalled the business of the house during the last four days by creating hullaballoo demanding Telangana resolution, resorted to the same tactic of reaching the Speaker’s podium and sloganeering.
The unruly behavior of the TRS has forced the Speaker to adjourn the House thrice for one hour, one hour and half an hour respectively before finally adjourning it sine die. 
(Updated on Sept 22,2012)

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