Sajjala castigates Naidu

Amaravati : YSRCP General Secretary and Advisor to Government (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy strongly objected to TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu’s open challenge to violate the GO No 1 issued in public interest.

Addressing media at the Party Central Office here on Friday, he appealed to the people to judge if such a GO, issued in the backdrop of the loss of innocent lives in the recent stampedes, is necessary or not. He said the GO was very much within the jurisdiction of the Police Act and all parties, including YSRCP, have to abide by it. 
Instead of openly tendering an apology to the people for what had happed at Kandukuru and Guntur,Naidu has been resorting to political drama and chaotic demonstrations showing scant respect for law of the land. The GO explains about the disadvantages of conducing rallies and meetings on roads and highways, he said.
The GO only seeks all political parties to identify alternative places like public grounds and other open places for conducting rallies and public meetings in a hassle-free manner and to prevent recurrence of the unfortunate incidents of recent stampedes. 

Referring to the hue and cry being raised on the GO by pro-TDP media that the ruling YSRCP has been scuttling the opposition, he asked how come Naidu has been touring Kuppam for the last three days in that case. 
Faulting Naidu and his followers for trying to violate the GO on the first day of his three day Kuppam tour, he said while the DSP tried to explain about the GO in a dignified manner, the TDP chief chose to challenge the police and yet claim that the police are not giving him due respect.
It is not the police but people of Kuppam are ignoring him, he said. 
Due to this fear, the TDP president has been conducting rallies and public meetings on narrow roads causing stampedes. 
Naidu should clarify if he wants to remain a law-abiding citizen or wage a warfare. 
Having nothing to claim about his achievements, he has been trying to mislead the people and present a confused, blurred, colored and biased picture with the support of his friendly media.
While Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy stole the hearts of the Kuppam people through his welfare measures and winning all local body elections, Naidu has been resorting to theatrics to malign the State, he said.

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