Lokesh cause for ruckus: Minister Velampalli

Amaravati: The behaviour of the TDP members in the Legislative Council came in for severe criticism on Thursday from the YSRCP.

Minister for Endowments expressed anguish at the TDP council members creating a ruckus and blamed it on Nara Lokesh for intentionally provoking them to attack the ruling party. Speaking to the media here on Thursday, the minister said that both Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh were breaking the Council rules by recording the House proceedings on their cell phone. Though Naidu boycotted the Assembly session, he was sitting in the Council gallery to record the seesion on his mobile, he said.

Though the Deputy Chairman directed both Naidu and Lokesh to stop recording the session, they continued to do so, said the minister and added that though theYSRCP members tried to stop them, the TDP members attacked them and encouraged by Lokesh, Bidha Ravichandra and Deepak Reddy created all the rucus.

The minister condemned the attack on YSRCP members by the TDP and urged the Chairman of the House to look into the issue and take action. He accused Chandrababu Naidu of creating hurdles in the path of development and trying to influence the chair to scuttle the bills. H said Naidu does not want the public to benefit from the government welfare schemes and taking revenge gainst them for defeating the TDP at the hustings.

Minister Srinivas said e TDP members were intentionally stopping the bills from being assed dsspite knowing their importance. He said, “We are bearing the attacks by the TDP as we want to provide bettr governance to the people. He said the TDP members can stall the bills for a short while and not forever.” He said bothe Chairman and the Deputy Chairman were biased towards the TDP and asked them to implement the House rules in an unbiased way.

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