Smt YS Vijayamma


Behind every successful man is a woman and this is so true of YS Vijayamma. Soft-spoken, amiable Vijayamma always understood YSR’s mind and became his perfect foil. She is the real force behind the huge success of YSR. While he was ever busy in public service, she stood rock-solid behind him. Her peaceful demeanor inspired everyone. 

She is an epitome of peace and tranquillity. Her smile is infectious. While YSR was busy in politics, she took care of the home and ensured that everything went right. Not many know that while YSR went on a fast protesting against power tariff hike in 2000, she too fasted at home in solidarity with her husband. 

She is a perfect host. Everyone who visited her Pulivendula home would vouch for it. She took care of YSR’s guests with motherly affection. Every time YSR went on any campaign, she used to apply tilak on his forehead and give him energy.

YSR’s untimely death made her life come crashing down. Her life became arduous. There were devious attempt to deny YSR his place in history. There was a conspiracy to erase his memory and usurp his legacy. To counter this, she personally went to Delhi and met Sonia Gandhi. She appealed to her to allow Jagan to take out Odarpu Yatra. She told Sonia that the people of AP were seeing YSR in YS Jagan and asked her to allow him to instil confidence in the people, who were grieving YSR’s loss.

When she realised that her pleas were falling on deaf ears, she realised it was time for a fight back. The bereaved and orphaned supporters of YSR had doubts about her ability to lead. But, they realised they were utterly wrong. Despite complete lack of public exposure and political experience, she proved herself to be an inspiring leader who represented the soul of YSR. Her leadership qualities were proved during the Pulivendula elections, where her winning margin was higher than YSR himself. She is in the forefront of alleviating the lot of the farmers. She is a pillar of strength and a source of inspiration not just for Pulivendula, but also the YSRCP itself.

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