Is there no sea in Mumbai and Chennai?


Visakhapatnam: A section of media is promoting fake propaganda and misleading people with stories that Visakhapatanam is not suitable for the capital city as it is located on sea coast. Flaying all those media reports, YSRCP general secretary Dadi Veerabhadra Rao shoots a question; 'Visakhapatnam has shipyard and dockyards, were they inundated due to typhoons?


Talking to media here on Thursday, he said a political conspiracy was hatched against the proposed capital city in Visakhapatnam which is most suitable despite being located on the sea coast. ‘I request N Chandrababu Naidu and his supporting media not to promote such fake propaganda,’ he said and questioned ‘Is there no sea in Mumbai and Chennai? Chennai was affected with floods last year but did they shift the capital city?’


He also said that people in Diviseema are living there even after being affected due to floods. Naidu had claimed that he would win over nature. ‘They why was he not able to stop drought during his rule?’ He questioned.


He asked Naidu not to mislead the people and not to block the abolishment of the legislative council. He said that everyone was suffering because of the fake propaganda in yellow media.

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