TDP violated all norms in AP Fibernet scam

Amaravati: Ripping open the irregularities and frauds in the AP Fibrenet scam by the previous TDP government, Darsi MLA Maddisetty Venugopal said the contract was awarded to the consortium violating all set norms of bidding. 
Speaking media at party central office here on Tuesday, the MLA who lost the bid, gave a blow by blow account of how the bidding process was rigged in a predetermined manner. He said Terrasoft consortium comprising Terra Soft, Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited and Horizon Broadcast LLP, was declared L1 (lowest bidder) while his company PACE Power Systems Private Limited was named L2 in advance.
Terrasoft consortium failed to meet the conditions on all counts.  
It flawed the general conditions as Horizon, one of the three bidders in the consortium, is not a registered company but an LLP. The financial conditions also were not met as its capital was way less than the prescribed one and the technical terms were also breached as it has no experience of the cable optic work in India, the MLA said. Topping it Terrasoft was blacklisted for one year by APTS and it was lifted after two months violating the norms and the letter was  issued by a non competent authority.
The MLA said the documents of bidders related to tenders were not uploaded online till L1 and L2 were finalized and added that he has given complaint to APSFCL MD on these irregularities. He said Terrasoft has taken a fake experience certificate of Signum Digital Network regarding the supply and installation of digital head-end and added that they have also violated many other terms of the contract. He said the APSFCL has also called four tenders related to setup boxes, CC Cameras, Barath Net Phase 2 of worth Rs 2,700 crore and urged Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to investigate irregularities in these tenders also.   
The MLA said the Chief Minister has brought judicial preview and reverse tendering systems for a transparent and corruption free governance in contrast to the corrupt practices of the previous government.

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