Minister slams TDP over sand issue

Panchayat Raj Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy

Amaravati :Slamming Opposition TDP for levelling baseless allegations against Government regarding sand tender process, Panchayat Raj Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy said it was TDP leaders, who  encouraged sand mafia in the previous government in the name of free sand policy.

Speaking to media at party central office here on Thursday, the Minister said the State Government has brought new sand policy ensuring transparency, leaving no scope for corruption and  TDP leaders are unable to digest it. He said the government has introduced  new sand policy to curb illegal sand transportation and black-market sales and APMDC was endorsed with the task of sand mining and supply. Multiple issues were reported during the implementation of the policy and a cabinet sub committee was constituted to formulate and implement corrective measures.

 The Committe submitted the report which was made public for citizens to refer and suggest any changes. The government has made changes aiming at  eradicating corruption, transparency, environmental protection, ensuring no shortage of sand, at affordable prices. The task of selecting the contractor has been entrusted to MSTC, a Central Government Agency. He said the government had also decided to collect Rs 120 Crore as bid security for the participation of skilled, efficient, and experienced companies and tenders were also called online. He said MSTC has selected Jay Prakash Power Ventures Limited company and it is targetted to supply two crore tonns of sand.

The Minister explained the merits of the new sand policy and said with the price capped at Rs 475 per tonne, the total value on this contract is not more than Rs 950 crore, out of which the company will have to pay Rs 765 crore to the government and questioned TDP leaders how there would be  thousands of crores of  corruption in it. He questioned why TDP leaders have not participated in open tender process if there is crores of profit in it. He questioned how would Jaypee group company  deposited Rs 120 crore if the company is bankrupt.

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