Invest Money In Irrigation Projects Than Capital


SRIKAKULAM: Andhra Pradesh Minister for Roads & Building Dharmana Krishna Das said a Capital built with One Lakh Crore of Rupees would no way benefit or contribute towards the development of the State. Speaking during a massive rally held by the YSR Congress Party leaders in Srikakulam on Sunday seeking decentralization of power, he said that the State would be benefit if the Rs. One Lakh Crore were invested to build irrigation projects. He said that the people of the State welcomed the decision taken by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to develop all regions in the future.


Speaking further he said that Pawan Kalyan was a leader who had no stability and lost miserably in both the places he contested from. With the support of Chandrababu, some people were raising objections and staging protests against the three capitals proposal. Krishna Das also challenged Chandrababu to contest and win against him in Narasannapeta.


YSRCP leader Killi Kripaani described the Amravati Deeksha of the TDP fake protest and that the people of the State supported the decentralization of power. She criticized the TDP for acting like a bridge party between the BJP.


Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu is staging dramas in the name of the Amaravati movement, said MLA Gorle Kiran Kumar. Chandrababu has to answer why he is collecting donations in the name of capital development and slammed the Oppositionleader for unnecessarily misleading the people of the state.


MLA Dharamana Prasada Rao also attended the rally which started from Surya Mahal Junction to Seven Road Junction. A human chain was also formed in support of the 3-Capital Proposal. 

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