Yellow Government in the service of Industrialists..!

No debate on public issues..!

Corruption Government..!

Hyderabad: The YSRCP Spokesperson Vasireddy Padma made anguish remarks on the ruling party that it is unethical not to debate on public issues in cabinet meeting. She said that it is wrong on the part of the ministers who took a decision that government lands will be given on 99 years lease not 33 years. She questioned if the government can give the land to a farmer on 99 years lease for cultivation. She said that the government is trying to give away the lands to industrialists. This is not a people’s government but corruption government in service of industrialists dancing to the tunes of World Bank.

Did you do anything at all..!

She blamed that the government has pathetically failed in taking action against stocks in black market and in controlling the rising prices. It is quite unfortunate that cabinet meeting has not taken any decision to assure the farmers who were in problems because of drying lands. The government did not debate on Arun Jaitley’s remark ‘Special Status century has gone’. If there was anything they have done in the meeting that was taking a decision to sell lands to industrialists, nothing else!

For Sentiments..!

The Spokesperson Padma fired that the farmer’s lands were grabbed to lay a red carpet to the industrialists. Chandrababu is saying that CC Cameras will be placed to control illegal sand trade, red sandal smuggling but it is just another scam not for any good, she added.

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