Will there be a honest probe into attack on Jagan?

AP seems to be earning the dubious distinction as the state where the government itself scuttles probes into sensational crimes. The Government seems bent on saving the perpetrators of heinous crimes and trying to whitewash the criminal acts. There were several sensational crimes and the government reacted on predictable lines. The chief minister himself is seen leading the charge and criticizing the Opposition. He is seen spear-heading the diversionary attacks to sidestep the issue.

During the last four-and-a-half years, there were major crime incidents. Young student Rishiteswari was killed. There is no action, no probe and no fixing of responsibility. When bratty MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar dragged a lady officer by her hair for opposing illegal sand-mining, there was no action. This particular MLA has a particularly nasty history of abuse, attack and misbehavior. Yet, the CM seems to be indulgent. No cases and no action again. 

Was there action in the case of the stampede at Pushkar Ghat in Rajahmundry on the inaugural day of Pushkarams? Five youths drowned due to illegal sand quarrying in Krishna rivers. Was there any action? When TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy’s bus overturned in Guntur district, 11 lives were lost. Was there any action in this case? The TDP leaders burnt down the banana and sugarcane plantations of farmers who opposed land acquisition in the capital area. No inquiry again and no identification of the criminals. The government tried to throw muck on the Opposition instead.

The latest incident is the heinous attack on YS Jagan. The Government seems bent on scuttling the probe and saving the perpetrators. It appears busy only in playing the blame game. It should realize that the buck stops with it!!
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