Secret of Singapore @ Chandrababu..!

Singapore for Agreements..!
Distribution of Lands by naming Development..!
Why only Narayana & Yanamala going?

Hyderabad: The ruling party leaders and Singapore representatives both were discussing seriously eyeing to grab and split the farmer lands. The Chief Minister Chandrababu is going again to Singapore only for this task. This month 20th he is boarding the flight to Singapore to discuss with the Managing Director of the shortlisted master developer Ascendas Company and Singapore Minister Eeshwaran & others. Criticism is heard on Yanamala & Narayana travelling along with Chandrababu. The people are asking to give a justification why only these two ministers were travelling with Chandrababu when several others were there.

For Agreement..!
The two ministers were going to singapore on a four day tour along with Chandrababu. They were going to Singapore for making some heavy agreements by staging a high drama in the mask of capital development. The CRDA authorities have already discussed with Ascendas on capital development. The Ascendas proposed some conditions to the government for being a Master Developer. To discuss secretively with Ascendas and the Singapore representatives on this, the Chief Ministers team is flying to Singapore. 

Babu is Mafia..!
In the first stage the Government allotted 3000 acres in the Capital for development to Ascendas Company. The company put forth a condition that it must have complete rights on the land and also requested 250 acres free of cost for construction of Iconix. Also, insisted that there should be no joint venture between Singapore and AP in relation to this. The Ascendas also asked for some share in the funds generated by selling the land in the capital. In these consequences, Singapore has become a center stage. The Ascendas has agreed to complete the first phase development by October 2018. The company is insisting that along with development of 3000 acres, rights to develop the rest of the Capital in a 20 to 30 years period. 
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