Lokesh provides solid entertainment in Dubai

Self-boast and bombast… none can beat Chandrababu in both these. He can teach computers to Bill Gates and finances to Ratan Tata. His son Lokesh too seems to have inherited this ‘Wonderful’ trait. The other day, he was in Dubail to take part in a global summit. 
He tried to teach a thing or two about use of technology in governance. He spoke to them at length about realtime governance, digitization, usage of drones and core dashboard. But, it all looked like he was teaching swimming to fish because Dubai is using much high-end technology and is considered among the top nations in e- governance. 
Yet, Lokesh tried to tomtom his achievements.  Dubai is known for its high technology. One only has to look at the Burz Khalifa to know the level of technical superiority in Dubail. Whereas in AP, our secretariat leaks. Dubai does not need a traffic police to regulate the vehicle movement, while our’s is a chaotic system. Their security systems are near perfect, while our level of security can be gauzed from the fact that the Leader of the Opposition gets attacked by a knife-wielding youth right inside the high security airport. Our e-passes for ration supply and our bio-metrics in government schools rarely work unlike in Dubai.
It is this technology that Lokesh was praising in Dubai.
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