Chandrababu’s sin..a curse to poor

Poor quality food for the students
Children leaving schools
Negligence of Chandrababu a curse to Students

Hyderabad: The prices of the basic commodities have been increasing and the government is watching the show. Chandrababu came to power by promising that a price stabilizing fund will be arranged but later he completely neglected it. The life of the common man is not finding any support. The poor students were suffering with half-filled stomachs due to lack of sufficient & good quality food. The government is giving funds for arranging afternoon meals for the students; Rs.4.60 per student for primary School and Rs.6.38 per student for Secondary school and also additional rice is given but with the steep increase in the prices of basic commodities the situation got worsen. The parents are questioning how Rs.4 given by the government will suffice needs? This situation is leading to feeding of poor quality food with which the children are leaving schools.

Government’s Negligence
The scheme that was started to give good nutrient food for the students was being diluted by the government. For the Hostel students from class 3rd to 10th, Rs.25 to Rs.28 is the incurred expense. The students must be given nutrient & protein food with eggs, Peanuts, Banana, Lentils & Ragi soup. But these were not given to the students, they were fed poor quality rice, too much diluted Rasam and buttermilk, this is affecting the health of the students.

Government failed to control prices
The government has failed miserably in controlling the prices of basic commodities.  Chandrababu promised that a price stabilizing fund will be arranged but he completely neglected it. This negligence of Chandrababu is severely affecting the welfare hostels, suffering with hunger the students were leaving education. Several people are demanding that at least now, the government should act proactively to resolve this issue and provide good nutrient food to the poor & backward students.
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