Sharmila asks CM to speak out over division

Kanigiri (Prakasam dist), September 11, 2013: Castigating Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy for his indifference in the division of State issue, YSRCP leader Sharmila has said he should speak out if the decision was taken with or without his consent and reiterated her Party demand that the State should be left united as the Centre has no solutions to the impending problems arising out of the bifurcation.

“The Chief Minister should answer if the Congress Party has taken his consent before arriving at the decision of splitting the State. If he was consulted, he becomes part of the irrational exercise and if he was not consulted his presence becomes irrelevant,’ Sharmila told a public meeting here on Tuesday as part of her Samaikhya Shankaravam Bus Yatra.

When such a gross injustice is being meted out to one region just to gain political mileage in another region, the Chief Minister looks a simpleton by his silence. He should clear the apprehensions among the people and be categorical whether he was part of the decision to divide the state or it was taken without his knowledge, she said.

The decision of Congress to divide the State was aimed at merging TRS with it and thereby to gain a handful of seats at the cost of socio-economic and ethnic crisis in the other region.

Ahead of the CWC decision, YSRCP MLAs had quit their posts in protest and had Chief Minister and other Congress leaders of Seemandhra along with TDP leaders followed them, the crisis would not have deepened but would have been blown away.

But that was not the case, while YSRCP is with the people, Congress leaders are after power. The Chief Minister was not elected but nominated and his post came on a platter to him while YSR toiled to bring Congress to power for the second term.

TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu on the other hand, had given an unconditional letter accepting the division of the state and it worked like a lethal weapon for Delhi. Now Naidu going to town in the name of Self Respect Yatra has no sense. He has to apologise and withdraw the letter he had given to Congress before going to the people or else people will question and drive him away, she said.

The Centre is driving people of Seemndhra to chaos as they are denying the rightful share of water and the place in the state capital. The division would give rise to water sharing issues and Hyderabad city is very complicated. Without addressing these urgent problems, the Centre is going ahead with the bifurcation process which will spell doom to Seemandhra region.

Our party stand is clear and standard since beginning. If the Centre cannot do justice to both regions, it should maintain status quo and has no right to divide the State.

When YSR was the Chief Minister, he has balanced welfare and development and his Aarogyasri, fees reimbursement and other schemes has benefitted all sections of the people. The present Congress government has done away with all the schemes and YS Jagan Moahan Reddy will come out and bring back the golden rule, she said.

Sahrmila’s Bus Yatra arrived from Kavali in Nellore district and will reach Markapuram later in the day.

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