Sri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

A revolutionary politician who heralded a new era in AP politics... the biggest challenge to the might of the 125 year-old Congress. These are what made YS Jagan Mohan Reddy what he is. He is not a leader who slaps his thighs in self congratulatory elation in front of huge crowds... He is not like the heroes given to big talk and bombast. He is a true leader, who stands for his word. He is one rare human being he dared to counter those benefited by his venerable father deriding his hallowed memory.

 He is one leader who dared to challenge those who did not understand Indian ethos and his beliefs in the name of politics. Hence he is a true hero, a hero whom the people of the state adore. Today he is a force to reckon with. He strikes terror in the minds of those who want to play with the lives of the people of the state.

 Today, his backers and detractors alike can’t do without talking about him.

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