YSRCP Demands Apology From Chandrababu For Abusing Assembly Marshalls

AMARAVATI: Minister Peri Nani who brought the issue of TDP Chief and Leader of the Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu's aggressive behaviour in the Assembly premises on Thursday in the House, said that they were appalled by the offensive behaviour of TDP members.

The Minister while speaking on the fifth day of the winter session of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Friday, brought to the notice of the House that TDP members had abused the Marshalls in the Assembly premises. He asked whether the TDP members were not aware that non-members were not allowed into the premises. He chided them and asked the members to behave in a dignified manner in the House. He criticized the TDP members for trying to seek the TDP Chief's appreciation and requested that Speaker Tammeneni Sitaram take action against TDP leaders who abused the Assembly Marshals.

Reminding the House about the status of the Chief Marshall, YSRCP Nandikotkur MLA Thoguru Arthur said that the Chief Marshall who is of the rank of a DSP will act as per the directions of the Speaker. He also said that the Chief Marshal was bound to act as per the rules laid out in the Assembly rulebook and he was not anybody's servant. He criticised the TDP leaders for deliberately creating chaos in the Assembly and requested the Speaker to take strict action against the erring TDP leaders.

Minister for Legislative Assembly, Buggana Rajendranath, said that the TDP leaders manhandled the security personnel which was highly was highly objectionable. Poiting to the fact that the Leader of Opposition was permitted to enter the Assembly from the Gate II and not Gate I, he asked as to why Chandrababu Naidu violated the rule. Marshalls were physically attacked, and sought stern action against the TDP leaders attack on the Marshalls.

Agriculture Minister Kannababu demanded an apology from Chandrababu for making objectionable comments on the Marshalls in the Assembly premises on Thursday. Espressing his ire against the TDP chief and his son Nara Lokesh's behaviour, he said that it was highly inappropriate to use such objectionable language on ordinary employees. It also reflects the attitude he had towards the Assembly employees and hurt the feelings of all government employees in the State.

Kannababu asked why Chandrababu had to come from another allotted gate rather than his assigned gate. Not just that if he was really obstructed by the Marshalls, then how is it that he entered the House by 9.15 am, he questioned.

Not just that, along with his father, Nara Lokesh also hurled abuses against the Assembly Marshals,he said. Was this how he had raised his son ,only to manhandle the people, Kanna Babu asked Chandrababu. He requested the Assembly Speaker to instruct Chandrababu to tender an apology to Assembly Marshals. Offering an apology would at least earn Chandrababu more respect among people, he added.

YSRCP MLA Jogi Ramesh demanded action against Chandrababu, for using an offensive word like ''B*****d'' against the Assembly Marshall. Chandrababu is sounding like a psychopath, he said, with 40 years of experience and 70 years in age is it correct to use a derogatory word like that, he questioned. The marshals, who are providing security to us were strangled and abused, he slammed. Jogi Ramesh demanded that Chandrababu tender an apology to the Marshalls in the House.

The Speaker reminded the TDP members of the House that the Marshalls were there for the safety of TDP members. "It is not a party affair, this is the House, he reminded, and made it clear that the Marshals were bound to take appropriate security precautions when members arrive in large groups.


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