YSRCP’s agenda is to safeguard state's interest

senior leader of the YSRCP  Botsa Satyanarayana

Hyderabad:Reaffirming that the Party would accord the highest priority to state interests and will not have tie-up with any party, YSR Congress has said that they will extend support to any dispensation that would honour the sentiments of the State. It has lashed out at the TDP for its venomous campaign against the meeting with TRS.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, the senior leader of the YSRCP, Botsa Satyanarayana said, ‘our President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has time and again firmly said that they would not have electoral tie-up and will support any coalition of Front that would serve State interests.

The meeting of our Party Chief with TRS Working President K Taraka Rama Rao was blown out of proportion with a distorted version and Chandrababu Naidu with his friendly media and his cabinet colleagues have been spreading canards about the meeting, which was a preliminary round for cobbling up a Front of regional parties to have a better bargaining power.

Our leader made it very clear from the beginning that we will be going alone in the elections and will not have any tie-up, while Chandrababu Naidu had approached TRS for an electoral tie-up before the elections and was bluntly turned down. Then the opportunist Chandrababu Naidu had turned to Congress and was part of Maha Kutami, which was rejected in the Telangana elections.

On the contrary, the YSRCP did not discuss any electoral tie-up with TRS and KCR, who had earlier met various political parties from Trinamool Congress, to Samajwadi Party, DMK and Janata Dal and had also reached out to the YSRCP, which is an on-going process to uphold the federal spirit.

TDP which has been distorting the event and trying to eke out political mileage has been spreading false propaganda. The YSRCP condemns this, he said and added that the party's agenda is to safeguard the state's interest. It will be part of any dispensation that will assure AP of its interests.

TDP has been making noise stating that KCR has been putting spokes in the irrigation projects of Andhra Pradesh and how can anyone have a tie-up with TRS. He reminded the TDP that it was they who broached the electoral tie-up with TRS. If TDP is so concerned about the irrigation projects and Polavaram why did the State not file a case against TRS government or at least raise the issue at the appropriate fora.

Why did Chandrababu Naidu run away from Hyderabad in a hurry though AP was entitled to retain the city as a joint capital for ten years, he asked.



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