A vote for Chandrababu is a vote for murder politics: YS Jagan 

Palamaneru: A vote for Chandrababu Naidu is a vote for murder politics, for someone who has unleashed a reign of terror for the past five years killing political opponents and covering up with his position and his friendly media YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said. YS Jagan assured people of the state that he would roll in a welfare state on the lines of Dr. YSR.

Addressing public rallies as part of electioneering he said, murder politics has been the key word of Chandrababu Naidu who has he record or eliminating political opponents right from Vangaveeti Ranga onwards and will not stop at anything to retain power.

"Our Party workers and leaders were brutally murdered during the past five years and there was cover up using his police, money, muscle and media. The Call Money sex racket in Vijayawada was toned down with such a nexus and when our MLA RK Roja raised the issue, she was suspended from the Assembly undemocratically, the YSRCP chief said.

A woman tehsildar was assaulted by a TDP leader who was again given a ticket and those who shielded the suicide of an innocent girl Ritikeshwari are still continuing in the job which makes TDP governance laden with corruption. There is complete breakdown of law and order under Chandrababu, he said.

"We have lost our uncle YS Vivekananda Reddy and it is the Chief Minister who is refusing to order a CBI probe as he fears that the truth will come out and his murder politics will be exposed."

Chandrababu Naidu is in the grip of insecurity, he pointed out. He has only been blaming Jagan for everything instead of telling people about the achievements during his five year long term.

People are running away of TDP as they have realised that there is no future in that party while the leader has been chanting the name of the opposition party, YS Jagan said.

People braving scorching heat attended all the public meetings in large numbers and went hysterical chanting "CM, CM, CM" and waving Party flags.

"This is a fight between dharma and adharma and in the end justice will prevail," YS Jagan said. The situation today is such that people are scared of TDP and are deserting the party due to the misdeeds of Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh, he pointed out.

With insecurity hitting a new high the TDP leader has been speaking in an incoherent voice and blaming Jagan for everything.

During 2014 elections he has come up with 50 page manifesto packed with over 650 promises, none of them were fulfilled. He would return with the same set of promises with added vigour, flavour and inflated figures and will play the tape in a rewind mode, the YSR Congress party chief reminded large gatherings everywhere.

Chandrababu comes with a bagful of money. "Do not fall prey for the short-term gains but use your discretion and vote for the person who stands by his word and not the one who deceives people with a flick of his fingers. He has money, muscle and media power at his disposal. The present day discussions and debates in media are not about the governance of Chandrababu Naidu but about Jagan Mohan Reddy. The chief minister looks like he has set the agenda for media as well as to what to debate and what not. We do not need such a manipulator. He comes like a seasonal bird with sops," YS Jagan said.

The TDP manifesto of 2014 had promises of waiver of loans to farmers and women groups, jobs and stipend, fixed deposit for every girl child born, housing, pension, closure of belt shops and the like but none of them have been fulfilled, YS Jagan added.

YS Jagan crowds that Chandrababu was with NDA coalition for over 4.5 years but had never raised the Special Category Status (SCS) issue but after coming out took up the issue and started deekshas with public money.

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