Vijayasai slams Naidu

New Delhi : Leader of Parliamentary Party and YSRCP National General Secretary V Vijayasai Reddy came down heavily on Opposition Chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu for urging the President to invoke Article 356 in Andhra Pradesh alleging that the law and order in the state has collapsed and state has turned into dangerous one. 
Speaking to media in at Andhra Bhawan here on Wednesday, the Member of Parliament said that Naidu is the most selfish leader in India and added that he has visited the Union Capital only to protect his self interests but not for the interests of the state. He said Naidu had come to Delhi only to mitigate the problems that were popped up due to the mistakes committed by him and added that it’s not the first time and reminded that Naidu had visited Delhi many times earlier, when he backstabbed N.T Rama Rao and also when he was caught in Vote for Note case, only to protect his personal interests. 
MP Viajayasai Reddy said Naidu has been justifying the (filthy and foul language) comments of leaders and spokespersons of TDP against Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, instead of condemning them. The MP reminded that TDP has lost in all the elections since 2019 including Assembly elections, local polls, MPTC, ZPTC elections and Municipal and Corporation elections which indicate that TDP has lost the sympathy and confidence of the people of people of the sate and thus came to Delhi to manage the Constitutional institutions. 
He reminded that founder of TDP party N T Rama Rao had always opposed invoking Article 356 and Naidu urging the President to invoke Article 356 indicates the fact that Naidu have no principles and pledged the self respect for his personal interests. He questioned Naidu if he has informed the President about the filthy language used by TDP leaders against the Chief Minister, and his 36 hours deeksha supporting those remarks. Terming TDP as terrorist outfit and TDP leaders as anti social elements, the MP said Chanrbabu Naidu and Nara Lokesh have been conspiring to destabilize the government.

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