There is no escape hatch for Chandrababu

YSR Congress leader Mohammed Iqbal

YSR Congress leader Mohammed Iqbal slammed Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu over his stand on the murder attempt on the Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Assembly and YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He said the truth on the murderous attack on the people's leader will soon be out. Quoting the TDP leaders' statements on belittling the murder attack weapon, that it was a cockfight knife, he rubbished their claims.

The YSRCP leader observed that it is with the orders of DGP that the flexi with the image of Garuda and the letter without any folds were created. He added that TDP leadership were particular on sidetracking the investigation, and hence the YSRCP was forced to move the High Court. Referring to the accused Srinivasa Rao, he said that there was a conspiracy and the names of those behind the attacker will come out soon.

Chandrababu very well knew that this case could be handed to National Investigation Agency, but he never did. Iqbal added that NIA has filed a primary charge sheet and under CRPC section 173(8) a supplementary charge sheet is yet to be filed. He wondered how a person with a criminal background was allowed work in the restaurant in the airport, Iqbal further addded that this attack was possible only with the help of restaurant owner and TDP leader Harshavardhan Chowdary.

The YSRCP leader said that there is no escape hatch for Chandrababu as the noose is tightening around his neck and the truth is being unravelled. The claims that the accused was a fan of YS Jagan have been exposed as hollow. The government not extending its support to NIA has been evident from the very beginning. Chandrababu is really scared that his name will come out in the investigation and he even cancelled his Davos trip, he remarked. Iqbal added that Chandrababu is announcing that the investigation is completed, but who is he to declare about the investigation. The NIA has said that the investigation is in progress

Recalling the reign of late Dr Rajasekhara Reddy, he observed that when TDP leader Paritala Ravi was murdered Chandrababu asked for a CBI inquiry in the case and the former CM obliged. Iqbal predicted that it is because of the inovlement of Nara Lokesh and TDP leaders, Chandrababu is opposing NIA investigation.

As regards Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh, he said the TDP has stayed with the BJP for four years but never spoke about SCS. All of a sudden the AP chief minister is sporting a black dress expressing his dissatifaction over the Union government. But it was the same person who praised BJP for granting special package instead of SCS.

Opening up about the recent act of Chandrbabu that is distributing invalid cheques to DWCRA women under Pasupu-Kunkuma and dubbing them as his sisters, Iqbal said nothing that Chandrababu did now would attract the voters. Iqbal confirmed that people are vexed up with TDP and will give a fitting reply to the ruling party in the upcoming elections

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