TDP ruined state by allowing belt shops


Amaravati: Chandrababu has no moral right to speak on the liquor policy of the State as he has encouraged belt shops and on earlier occasion had lifted prohibition.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, party MLA Jogi Ramesh said during TDP term 43,000 illegal liquor outlets were running and the syndicate was shielded by the Chandrababu.

Besides, he recalled the funds collected by Naidu during the Hud-Hud cyclone and challenged Naidu on the enquiry into the accounts of funds spent for the cyclone victims and post-cyclone rescue measures. There were no details on the financial details of Hud-Hud cyclone funds, he said.

Ever since Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has come to power, strict actions are being imposed to curb alcohol consumption in the state. Keeping up the electoral promise, all the belt shops in the state were closed and the number of wines shops were reduced from 4500 to 3500 by closing down 1000 wine shops. Moreover, all the wine shops are run by the government to restrict the consumption of alcohol.

While an overwhelming response has been received from the women in the state, TDP is worried about the restrictions imposed by the government on alcohol. It was shameful for Naidu to talk on the price and sale of specific brands of alcohol, he added.

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