TDP politicizing HC proceedings


Amaravati: Minister for Education Adimulapu Suresh lambasted TDP for politicizing the court proceedings with regard to the implementation of English medium in schools from primary level.

Speaking to media here on Wednesday, the Minister said the government has taken the consent of parents in all the districts and got a overwhelming response. 

The government is committed on the issue as it helps the underprivileged for a better future.

The response of the TDP on HC reserving its judgement while quashing the GO’s is purely political  he said. 

More than 43,600 parent committee have opined that the English medium is necessary from class 1 to 6 in the schools. 

In Visakhapatnam about 96% members of parents' committee , 99.76% in Prakasam, 95% in Nellore, and 99% in Chittoor have declared their support to English medium. 

 Even Naidu’s village Naravaripalle also supported English medium.

Those who wish to study in Telugu medium, the Chief Minister has ordered to set up a Telugu medium school in every Mandal with transport facilities.

TDP is trying to politicize the issue and has no concern for the uplift of downtrodden.

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