TDP distributed outdated cheques to women

Raptadu: Police arrested a large number of DWCRA women in Topudurthi, Raptadu constituency, Anantapur. Women from the self-help groups staged a protest in front of the TDP Minister Paritala Sunitha over unfulfilled loan waiver to them. As the situation was leading to chaos, police arrested the women and had to forcefully shift them to another location.

Later, the women expressed their dissatisfaction over the government for arresting them when they questioned about the pre-poll promises. The women also pointed out that TDP has distributed outdated cheques to women, cheating them.

As minister Paritala Sunitha was visiting Topudurthi, local YSRCP leader Prakash was placed under house arrest by the police. Criticizing TDP leadership over the unfulfilled loan waiver to DWCRA women, YSRCP leaders questioned why the TDP government could not accomplish the loan waiver? They asked: “why were the women who questioned about it were being arrested?”

YSRCP leader Prakash Reddy observed that using brutal police force on DWCRA women is outrageous. Prakash Reddy remarked that the minister was not even ready to answer the women. Meanwhile, the TDP government is getting ready to hoodwink the women in the upcoming elections, he concluded.

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