Stringent Action Against Those Who Obstruct COVID-19 Victims’ Cremation: YS Jagan


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Thursday, instructed State DGP Gautam Sawang to take stringent action against those who tried to obstruct the cremation of those who died due to the coronavirus. He stated this during a review meeting over COVID-19 preventive measures, held on Thursday at the CM Camp office.


Taking a serious note of the incident that happened in Kurnool district, where a person who died of the COVID-19 virus was denied last rites in a burial ground there, YS Jagan said that it was not right to treat the virus infectees as untouchables.


Speaking further the Chief Minister expressed his ire at the incident terming it as inhuman. He said that during this difficult phase one should show compassion and sympathy for the patients and not discriminate. ''One should treat the patients as how you would treat your own loved ones,'' YS Jagan said further .


''Do not assume that coronavirus as something dreadful and treat the infected person as an untouchable. With proper treatment and medication, the patient can be cured. Patients across the state, country and the world are being treated for this virus and are being discharged also,'' he said. ‘’Only if it is treatable can they discharged, right?,’’ he questioned.


He also cautioned not create to unnecessary rumours and paint false pictures about the COVID -19 status in the state. Speaking further, he said that the virus has a high impact on people suffering with chronic diseases. Only by taking proper precautions and treatment can one prevent the deadly disease, YS Jagan said.


"Corona can infect anyone, if the nationwide mortality rate is at 3.26%, does it not indicate that the rest of them are recovering,'' he asked.


The Chief Minister appealed to the public to be sympathetic to others around them and not associate any stigma related to the virus against them. 

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