Quality Of Infrastructure In Government Schools Be Top Notch: AP CM

Reviewing the progress of the works under the first phase of the Nadu-Nedu scheme, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy instructed the officials to expedite the works and to complete them by January 2021. He stressed the need to maintain quality in the works taken up under the program. As part of the first phase, over 15,715 educational institutions have been taken up by the government for a complete facelift. CM also stressed on going one step further and ensuring that a proper mechanism is put in place to monitor the maintenance of each of these newly-built schools. Officials also briefed the CM on phase 2 works. In response, the CM asked the officials to not delay any further and initiate phase 2 by February 2021. There are about 16,345 schools under phase 2.



The scheme aims to transform the state-run schools into vibrant and competitive institutions with all the basic infrastructure facilities, focusing mainly on 10 components which include facilities like drinking water supply, adequate furniture to students and staff, carrying out major and minor repairs, installation of green chalkboards in every classroom and setting up of English labs to name a few.


CM further reviewed the meal plan for the hostels and residential schools under Jagananna Gorumudda. As a pilot project, 80 pre-matric hostels and 22 post metric hostels were taken up in West Godavari district by the social welfare department. CM directed the officials to set up a subcommittee comprising of concerned HODs and Secretaries of Welfare Hostel / Residential Schools Societies and come up with a tentative revised menu.

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