Pack Up Time For Chandrababu

Tammineni Sitaram

The time has come for Andhra Pradesh chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu to pack up and head home, said senior YSR Congress Party leader and candidate for the Amadalavalasa MLA seat, Tammineni Sitaram. Addressing the media at the party headquarters here, he pointed out that as the countdown for the declaration of results began, there was increasing desperation in Chandrababu Naidu.

The Yellow media painted a picture as though he was playing a critical role in bringing all political parties in the country together.

To boost the morale of the cadre and to convey the message that all is well, Chandrababu is conducting district-wise reviews though he knows he is going to lose. He is trying to keep his flock together and is conducting meetings to give the impression to his party men that he would return to power.

Does Chandrababu know or would he want to state how many parliamentary seats TDP would win, Sitaram questioned. The TDP chief is rushing to Karnataka, Odisha and West Bengal trying to portray himself as a national leader, even when the leaders there fail to acknowledge this. Sitaram observed that Chandrababu has turned into a laughing stock. The Trinamool Congress and Congress are not interested in meeting him. The

BSP-SP leadership do not appear to be keen either. The TDP chief is a self-invited guest everywhere, he said.

The YSRCP leader stated that the TDP which was founded as a political alternative to the Congress party in AP by NTR has been mortgaged for hsi delfish interests by Chandrababu. TDP was buried the day Chandrababu put his arm around Rahul Gandhi's shoulder, Tammineni Sitaram said.

The Amadalavalasa MLA candidate added that the YSRCP will get a sizeable number of seats in the Lok Sabha and will play a key role in national politics.

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