Only Chandrababu could resort to such cheap tactics 

Rajya Sabha Member V Vijaysai Reddy

 YSR Congress Party leader and Rajya Sabha Member V Vijaysai Reddy made scathing remarks against the Telugu Desam Party chief N Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP leaders today. In response to Chandrababu's statement where he mentioned that NTR was not the actual founder of TDP, he asserted that only Chandrababu could resort to such cheap tactics just to hoodwink people for the sake of power.

Founder members are saying that this is not the TDP founded by NTR. This TDP is of Chandrababu, who can resort to cheapest possible politics to be in power, posted Vijayasai Reddy on his Twitter timeline.

In another tweet he said that the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh could not learn English properly, but had learnt one thing from Britishers who ruled the nation. He said that N Chandrababu had art of Divide and rule which the British used on Indian leaders and princes to keep control of the country. Referring to his stance on the SCs, STs and BCs, he said that he had learnt to divide even the Backward Classes. “Chandrababu couldn’t learn proper English but has learnt from Britishers, Divide and Rule policy. He divided the SCs, then STs and now even BCs and OCs also!” said Vijayasai Reddy.

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