New Law For The Safety Of Women: YS Jagan


Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Government is planning to bring in legislation to take stringent action for crime against women and for the speedy justice wherever there is conclusive evidence.


Intervening during a short discussion on women safety, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that law would be brought in wherein stringent punishment would be meted out to perpetrators of crime against women and the case should be taken to its logical conclusion within 21 working days. “Investigation of cases of crime against women should be completed in one week and the culprits should be punished within three weeks,” said the Chief Minister.


The proposed Bill would have dedicated courts to deal with crimes against women and there should also be focus on blunting the social media that berates women and blocking porn websites besides bringing in prohibition.


The new Bill, which is scheduled to be introduced in the House this week, will also include the zero FIR, which means that police have to register a case anywhere irrespective of jurisdiction to instill confidence among women.


In a speech laced with emotion, the Chief Minister said that he was moved with the Disha case that has shaken the nation and the subsequent events where the culprits died in an encounter. Though the emotions of the multitude of people seek instant justice, as we respect says that stringent case should be concluded within three weeks of trial and stringent punishment should be taken in a short discussion.


Those who post negatively about women should be afraid of punishment and such things would not stop unless stringent actions are taken. For the same, the government was in the process of introducing 354 (E).


“Our Government has closed 43,000 belt shops in villages across the state. We canceled permissions to permit rooms in wine shops in order to decrease the consumption of alcohol” said the Chief Minister


“Pornography is another reason for crime against women. Though porn sites are blocked, we are not able to control watching them. A new bill will be introduced in Assembly addressing all these issues” said the Chief Minister. 

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