Kannababu slams TDP

Amaravati: Minister for Agriculture Kurasala Kannababu slammed TDP leaders over  allegations on him and denied of having any link with Pastor Praveen Chakravarthy's issue while TDP has been making false allegations only with political motives. 

Speaking to media at party central office here on Monday, the Minister said it was YSRCP Government that has identified the postings of Pastor Praveen's speech on social media platforms and arrested him immediately. TDP leaders Kala Venkat Rao and Nimmakayala Chinarajappa were making false allegations that he has links with Pastor Praveen only to gain political mileage.

The Minister said charges were filed against Pastor Praveen in six cases in the previous government. He reminded that it was the previous TDP government which has withdrawn three cases against Pastor Praveen. He questioned how can they link Pastor Praveen to him just because he belongs to Kakinada rural constituency and posted a photo in social media. He said Naidu shared a picture  with Euro lottery fraudster Kola Krishna Mohan and questioned his link with the scam.

Why TDP didn't investigate  on foreign funding to Pastor Praveen in the previous government and why no action was taken against him even after a complaint was filed by a dalit girl that she was cheated by him.

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