English Is a Necessity, Not A Luxury : YS Jagan

VIJAYAWADA: Asserting that English is a necessity in the new age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven world, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said introducing English medium from primary level is a revolutionary step in shaping the students as competitive workforce twenty years down the lane.

In his keynote address on ' Bringing English medium education to Primary schools in AP' at the Excellence in education conclave by the Hindu group here on Wednesday, the Chief Minister said, ' As a father, anyone would prefer to send his children to English medium schools and as head of the state, I have done the same by introducing English medium from Class 1 to Class 6 starting next academic year.

We will have four years time to prune ourselves till the first batch passes out the Board exam in English medium. This is how we elevate the living standards of the aspiring sections of the society.

Unless we take the decision now, the journey towards shaping the future citizen fully equipped to walk into the competitive world will not begin.

With the literacy rate of the state being much lower than national average, it is imperative that bridging in radical changes in education system which will stand the test of time for the next two decades is a must.

With over 98 percent of private schools having English as medium of instruction, we have to introduce English medium in government schools to give the aspirational sections a level play field.

This is why I tell you that English is not a luxury but a necessity. It is the language of computer and internet.

We know that we will have to cross hurdles and face challenges. We are prepared for it and are reworking on the curriculum. On the preparatory part, we are conducting bridge courses for children and skill upgrading training for teachers, he said.

The detractors could say anything, but I ask them to answer a simple question, 'why are they sending their children children to English medium schools. ' Telugu will be a compulsory subject in government and private schools as well.

Added to this reform, we have taken up Nadu-Nedu (Then and Now) to revamp the 45,000 schools in three phases providing basic amenities like toilets, running water, furniture, fan, compound wall, painting and English lab.

This apart we have introduced Amma Vodi where the mother is incentivised with an annual allowance of Rs 15,000 for sending her children to school. About 42,000 have already received this year's allowance.

The menu of mid-day meal has been changed and made more tasty bringing in variety and quality.

In Graduation, there will be full fee reimbursement besides providing hostel and mess allowances. Added to this there will be one additional year of internship for skill development and job orientation courses.

N Ram , Chairman The Hindu group, welcomed the gathering and State Education Minister A Suresh shared the dais during the education conclave Excellence in Education.


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