Chevireddy’s Arrest Sparks Widespread Outrage

The arrest of YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) MLA from Chandragiri and senior leader Chevireddy Bhasker Reddy sent ripples of shock through party cadre and the public here. What was the MLA’s fault? He protested against the arrest of YSRCP workers and villagers who caught people carrying out bogus surveys and indulging in electoral malpractices like deletion of voters' names from the list.

The Chittoor police did not merely arrest the Chandragiri MLA. They made him sit in a police vehicle and took him around all over including parts of neighbouring places in the state of Tamil Nadu. This was revealed by the MLA himself and by other senior leaders of the party including Leader of opposition in Andhra Pradesh legislative Council, Ummareddy Venkateswarlu. The police did not refuse to take note of the fact that the MLAs health was deteriorating, they pointed out. His BP shot up because he was inhumanly denied food and water by the police. Worse, the Chittoor police did not even give him a BP tablet despite repeated pleas.

Following widespread criticism as the issue began snowballing, the Chittoor police brought the Chandragiri MLA to Satyavedu police station on Monday morning. However he resorted to a protest inside the police station itself. YSR Congress Party leaders, workers, and the general public who came to know about the inhuman and unlawful arrest of the MLA resorted to protests and blocked roads in many places. Chevireddy’s wife Lakshmi Devi and his two sons, Mohit Reddy and Harshit Reddy and villagers were arrested for demonstrating in front of the Chittoor SP’s office.

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