Chandrababu lacks sincerity on Kapu reservations 

party spokesperson Perni Nani

Hyderabad: YSR Congress has slammed Chandrababu Naidu for his false promises and claims on Kapu reservations as he has time and again cheated that community on numerous counts from quota to Corporation to sub-plan and funds.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, party spokesperson Perni Nani said, time and again Chandrababu Naidu has been cheating Kapu community and the latest being the inclusion of 5% from OC quota fully knowing well that he cannot do it.

He lacks sincerity, just like in the past when he made an announcement that he has already given the concession to the community. During 2014 election campaign he had promised that the Kapu community will be included in the BC list, but he could not do it and had taken up the issue again when there was a widespread agitation, and Kapus were up in arms demanding reservation in jobs and education institutions.

He failed to do it and now when the Centre has announced the 10% quota for OCs, he has jumped with the announcement that half of it will be given to Kapus. The fact is that the Centre has announced the scheme which would be implemented on economic basis and not on caste basis.

Despite all this he has been propagating about the reservations and has again resorted to cheat the Kapu community. This time around the community cannot be fooled by such false promises and claims and he will be taught a fitting lesson.


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