Chandrababu attributes whatever he does in politics to others

The entire nation in the grip of poll fever and the contest has hot up in Andhra Pradesh with candidates trading jibes and accusations. While a few restrict themselves to criticising the opponent's policies and failed poll promises, the others are resorting to personal attacks.

One such politician is none other than Andhra Pradesh chief minister who's known to play mind games and resort to personal attacks to weaken his political opponents mentally.

Senior YSRCP Leader and Rajya Sabha MP came down heavily on the AP CM for such wild allegations.

"Why Harvard? We have 13 government universities in Andhra Pradesh. Let them study the corruption of chandrababu and provide a report," said Vijayasai Reddy.

In a response to Chandrababu's words, Vijayasai Reddy said that the TDP chief was notorious for attributing his character to others.

“Naidu attributes whatever he does in politics to others. He aligns with any party, but attributes such alignment to others. He does crime in politics, but attributes that others.

He robs the state exchequer but attributes that to ohers," said the senior YSRCP leader. He also added that the Andhra Pradesh chief minister was good at managing insitutions and that is how he had evaded cases against him over the last 40 years.

He also said that Chandrababu will be remembered as a chief minister who looted the state exchequer. Vijayasai Reddy also called Chandrababu a political opportunist who changed alliances during every poll.

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