Chandrababu’s speech has become impaired and incoherent

party leader C Ramachandraiah

Hyderabad: Unable to wriggle out of the whirl of insecurity arising out of growing number of people joining in to YSR Congress, Chandrababu’s speech has become impaired and incoherent, party leader C Ramachandraiah has said

Speaking to media here on Thursday, he said, ‘whenever a leader meets YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chandrababu Naidu turns nervous and speaks incoherent things and has been trying to create a wedge between the people of the two Telugu speaking states by raising irrelevant issues.

When actor Nagarujuna or industrialist Dasari Jai Ramesh meets our leader, Chandrababu has gone green and passed uncharitable remarks. The remarks are only the result of his insecurity which stem out of his imminent failure in governance, he said.

People who left TDP have openly told about the authoritarian angle in TDP which is highly casteist and it was proved time and again. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has asked the people willing to join YSRCP to resign from their respective party before taking them in while Chandrababu has taken 23 MLAs without any in inhibitions. He had even inducted four of them into the cabinet which shows that he is the most undemocratic parliamentarian in the country.

When dalits are attacked there would be no reaction and the friendly media tries to bury it and when a BC dies under suspicious circumstances after police pick him up for refusing to give his field for a government programme, the cause of the death is tried to be swept under the carpet and there would be no debates or discussions on that issue which shows his bent of mind, he said.

Of late he has been pushing another theory of Modi-KCR-Jagan nexus, whatever that means, responsible for all the roads leading to Lotus Pond residence of YSR Congress President’s house. This has absolutely no bearing on reality and he has been speaking in a very incoherent language as he is upset seeing the growing popularity of the Leader of Opposition, he said. 

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