Chandrababu’s raw opportunism exposed on Delhi streets : YS Jagan 

Samara Sankharavam

Anantapur: Dubbing Chandrababu’s Delhi deeksha and its essence as a fake narrative, YSR Congress Party President, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that issues that were never raised during his 4.9-year honeymoon with BJP have now surfaced only to eke out political games which exposes his politics of opportunism.

Addressing a massive public meeting here on Monday as part of the Samara Sankharavam, the Leader of Opposition said, ‘his build-up and premise of his narrative for Delhi deeksha is fake and filled with opportunist overtures. While he was part of the NDA coalition, never did he raise the issue of Special Category Status (SCS) and played to the coalition tune condemning and undermining the very same issue for which he is protesting now in national capital.

TDP had two ministers in the Union cabinet and Chandrababu was part of every cabinet decision taken by the NDA government and for the better part of five-year term, he never talked about SCS and on the other hand, the YSRCP chief pointed out. “Chandrababu criticised us for holding dharnas saying that SCS is not a wonder drug.

He had even foisted cases against our party workers leaders, students and women for participating in the dharnas demanding SCS and even foiled the bandhs we have called for.” It was Chandrababu Naidu who had brought Special Package to the fore in lieu of SCS and thanked the Union Government for being generous in helping the state., YS Jagan said. “When we objected, he along with his cabinet colleagues and leaders threw tantrums and tried to project us as spoilers and putting spokes in the development wheel.”

Now suddenly seizing the opportunity which is in total contrast and contradictory to his earlier stand, he goes to Delhi for deeksha wearing black, the YSRCP chief said.

‘This is raw opportunism which is exposed in the streets on Delhi and his image has plummeted to a new low back home.

With rampant corruption and after having amassed ill-gotten wealth, he will use money power in the ensuing elections,’ he told the cadre.

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